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InterpretTitel der CDLänge
Nelson, WiillieFirst Rose of Spring41:14
Albert FreyDamit wir das Leben haben62:02
AlgiersThere Is No Year40:12
Allman Brothers BandLive At The Cow Palace, California 1973 (Disc 2)68:53
Allman Brothers BandLive At The Cow Palace, California 1973 (Disc 3)68:58
Allman Brothers BandLive At The Cow Palace, California 1973 (Disc 4)62:38
Allman Brothers BandPlay All Night: Live At The Beacon Theatre 1992 (Disc 1)61:43
Allman Brothers BandPlay All Night: Live At The Beacon Theatre 1992 (Disc 2)78:01
Allman Brothers BandReach For The Sky35:15
Allman Brothers BandVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC 8/6/03 (Disc 1)57:22
Allman Brothers BandVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC 8/6/03 (Disc 2)39:06
Allman Brothers BandVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC 8/6/03 (Disc 3)50:40
Allman, GreggBack To Macon, GA47:25
Allman, GreggBack To Macon, GA42:42
Allman, GreggI'm No Angel41:01
Allman, GreggLaid Back36:03
Allman, GreggPlayin' Up A Storm35:30
Almanac SingersTalking Union 52:47
Almanac SingersThe Sea, The Soil & The Struggle54:13
Alpha BandThe Arista Albums (Disc 1)62:36
Alpha BandThe Arista Albums (Disc 2)57:26
alquinMarks / Mountain Queen78:39
alquinNobody Can Wait Forever / Best Kept Secret76:46
alquinSailors And Sinners 64:21
Alvin, DaveBlue Boulevard / Museum Of Heart (Disc 1)48:43
Alvin, DaveBlue Boulevard / Museum Of Heart (Disc 2)51:54
Alvin, DaveOut In California76:00
Alvin, DavePublic Domain61:16
Alvin, DaveWest Of The West57:57
Alvin, PhilCountry Fair 200055:59
Amazing BlondelA Foreign Field That Is Forever England71:11
Amazing BlondelBad Dreams34:53
Amazing BlondelBlondel37:21
Amazing BlondelDead: Live In Transylvania59:42
Amazing BlondelEvensong33:31
Amazing BlondelFantasia Lindum36:17
Amazing BlondelGoing Where The Music Takes Me (Disc 1)59:50
Amazing BlondelGoing Where The Music Takes Me (Disc 2)64:02
Amazing BlondelMulgrave Street / Inspiration75:08
Amazing BlondelOn With The Show (In Per Ostendo)63:30
Amazing BlondelRestoration43:05
Amazing BlondelThe AmazingBlondel & A Few Faces39:54
Amazing Rhythm AcesChock Full Of Country Goodness42:03
Amazing Rhythm AcesLive In America72:05
Amazing Rhythm AcesNothin But The Blues59:36
Amazing Rhythm AcesOut Of The Blue52:54
Amazing Rhythm AcesStacked Deck / Too Stuffed To Jump74:03
Amazing Rhythm AcesToucan Do It Too / Burning The Ballroom Down79:37
AmbrosiaLife Beyond L.A.41:24
AmbrosiaOne Eighty39:50
AmbrosiaSomewhere I've Never Travelled45:47
AmericaBack Pages46:17
AmericaMusikladen Live 197543:37
AmericaUniversal Amphitheatre, L.A. 1978 (Disc 1)43:17
AmericaUniversal Amphitheatre, L.A. 1978 (Disc 2)54:03
AmericaVentura Highway52:50
AmericaView From The Ground39:55
American AquariumBurn.Flicker.Die.46:07
American AquariumDances For The Lonely47:32
American AquariumSmall Town Hymns41:52
American AquariumWolves40:05
American FlyerAmerican Flyer / Spirit Of A Woman67:07
American GypsyAngel Eyes77:23
Amiga Blues BandNot Fade Away41:46
Amon DüülCollapsing Singvögel Rückwärts & Co.39:29
Amon DüülDie Lösung46:01
Amon DüülDisaster67:08
Amon DüülExperimente66:57
Amon Düül IIAlmost Alive...60:27
Amon Düül IIVortex59:53
Amundson, MontiMan On The Floor46:00
Amundson, MontiProve Me Wrong47:15
Amundson, MontiThe Mean Eighteen60:19
Amundson, MontiThe Obvious Rock39:05
An RinnAll At Sea66:52
An RinnCoal 51:29
An RinnSmugglers67:10
An RinnTo The Friends That We Love Dear56:50
AnabisHeaven On Earth39:48
AnalogyThe Suite27:58
Anarchic SystemCherie Sha La La52:35
Anarchic SystemGeneration50:29
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadLost Songs48:17
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadMadonna 45:36
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadTAO Of The Dead (Disc 1)52:23
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadTAO Of The Dead (Disc 2)71:55
Andersen, EricAvalanche41:51
Andersen, EricBeat Avenue (Disc 1)52:15
Andersen, EricBeat Avenue (Disc 2)36:49
Andersen, EricBlue River46:56
Andersen, Eric'Bout Changes & Things48:00
Andersen, EricStages: The Lost Album57:53
Andersen, EricThe Street Was Always There63:29
Andersen, EricWaves55:19
Anderson, BrintHomage To Elmore57:37
Anderson, BrintI Knew This Would Happen65:53
Anderson, BrintNotes From Clarksdale63:45
Anderson, IanTAAB2 (Thick As A Brick 2)53:49
Anderson, IanThick As A Brick - Live In Iceland (Disc 2)56:34
Anderson, IanWalk Into Light39:05
Anderson, JohnBigger Hands42:24
Anderson, JohnBlue Skies Again30:19
Anderson, JohnNobody's Got It All46:53
Anderson, JonAnimation / 3 Ships (Disc 1)42:57
Anderson, JonAnimation / 3 Ships (Disc 2)39:23
Anderson, JonIn The City Of Angels47:15
Anderson, JonLive From La La Land (Disc 1)40:24
Anderson, JonLive From La La Land (Disc 2)40:20
Anderson, JonToltec47:27
Anderson, KaseyDead Roses38:47
Anderson, KaseyHarold St. Blues42:41
Anderson, KaseyHeart Of A Dog44:21
Anderson, KaseyThe Reckoning64:14
Anderson, Little PinkSittin' Here Singing The Blues61:43
Anderson, Miller Bright City36:02
Anderson, Miller Chameleon42:57
Anderson, Miller From Lizard Rock (Disc 1)58:53
Anderson, Miller From Lizard Rock (Disc 2)58:17
Anderson, Miller Live At Rockpalast76:12
Anderson, PinkThe Blues Of Pink Anderson Ballad & Folksinger, Vol. 334:47
Anderson, PinkVol. 2 - Medicine Show Man39:35
Anderson, PinkVolume 1: Carolina Blues Man39:50
Anderson, ThomasAlright It Was Frank...And He's Risen From The Dead And Gone Off With His Truck 42:26
Anderson, ThomasBlues For The Flying Dutchman56:07
Anderson, ThomasMoon Going Down42:55
Anderson, ThomasNorman, Oklahoma49:06
Andrews, Harvey25 Years On The Road56:25
Andrews, HarveyEncore49:40
Andrews, HarveyI'm Resigning From Today - The Transatlantic Anthology (Disc 1)70:16
Andrews, HarveyI'm Resigning From Today - The Transatlantic Anthology (Disc 2)34:45
Andrews, HarveySnaps - The Family Album50:25
Andrews, HarveySpring Again45:57
Andrews, HarveyThe Gift57:57
Andrews, HarveyThe Margarita Collection60:52
AndromedaBeginnings 1967 - 6876:13
AndromedaDefinitive Collection (Disc 1)75:59
AndromedaDefinitive Collection (Disc 2)77:57
AndwellaWorld's End / People's People69:08
Andwellas DreamLove And Poetry76:04
Anel, LiliHi-Octane Coffee49:41
Anel, LiliLaughed Last48:36
Anel, LiliLife Or Death65:35
AngelAngel / Helluva Band (Disc 1)37:45
AngelAngel / Helluva Band (Disc 2)44:35
AngelLive Without A Net (Disc 1)41:24
AngelLive Without A Net (Disc 2)39:34
AngelOn Earth As It Is In Heaven / White Hot79:59
Angelle, Donna , & Zydeco PosseDown The Bayou47:02
Angelle, Donna , & Zydeco PosseGuaranteed Lver49:41
Angels & AirwavesLove Album Parts One & Two (Disc 1)54:02
Angels & AirwavesLove Album Parts One & Two (Disc 2)48:50
Bare, BobbyAin't Got Nothin' To Lose30:23
Bell, Carey Mellow Down Easy47:11
Bellamy BrothersThe Two And Only33:20
Big George & BusinessLive In London 64:59
Bird And The Bee Interpreting The Masters Volume 2: A Tribute To Van Halen36:58
BlarneyYou're Talking45:20
Bley, CarlaLife Goes On (with Andy Sheppard Steve Swallow)56:43
BluebirdsSouth From Memphis54:11
Bo DiddleyLiving Legend 51:11
Bonzo Dog BandTadpoles54:58
Boo RadleysWake Up! (Disc 2)55:47
Boo RadleysWake Up! (Disc 3)37:02
Boogie BoneBone-A-Fied54:25
Booze BombsLive At The Pier View Pub51:33
BoozedOne Mile33:39
Bothy BandOut Of The Wind Into The Sun49:15
Boulder Acoustic SocietyPunchline53:43
Bowie, David , & Stevie Ray VaughanSpace Oddity73:58
Bradley's Blackwater Surprise. RobertTime To Discover48:24
Brady, PaulLive At Rockpalast75:49
Bragg, BillyWilliam Bloke (Disc 1)41:24
Bragg, BillyWilliam Bloke (Disc 2)38:54
Branch, Billy , & Sons Of BluesRoots And Branches58:22
Brass MonkeyFlame Of Fire59:30
Brecker BrothersLive and Unreleased CD1 (RM2020) ((Live at Onkel Pö's)57:53
Brecker BrothersLive and Unreleased CD2 (RM2020) ((Live at Onkel Pö's)47:39
Bricklin, ScottLost 'Til Dawn47:59
Bridges, Eugene HideawayRoots And Vines66:22
Brimstone CovenBlack Magic54:36
BrogueGirls And Strong Whisky54:17
Bromberg, DavidDavid Bromberg / Demon In Disguise79:54
Brother BonesSo Blue48:00
Brothers BrownDusty Road46:53
Brothers Of A FeatherLive At The Roxy76:47
Brown, HarpdogTravelin' With The Blues46:58
Brown, Pete , & Phil Ryan Ardours Of The Lost Rake / Coals To Jerusalem (Disc 1)42:15
Brown, Pete , & Phil Ryan Ardours Of The Lost Rake / Coals To Jerusalem (Disc 2)78:35
Browne, Michael JeromeCan't Keep A Good Man Down53:42
Bruce, IanThe Naked Truth74:01
Bryant, DannyMeans Of Escape43:08
Buffett, Jimmy'Tis The Season39:38
Burdon, Eric , & New AnimalsLive In Seattle 200272:49
Burning PlagueTwo62:13
Burning SpearOur Music55:33
Burns, JimmyBack To The Delta67:25
Burrell, RetoRoses Fade Blue42:46
Buster BrownSomething To Say62:34
Butterfield's Better Days, PaulBack To Woodstock48:26
Byrne, DerekSeize The Moment45:02
Byron Band, DavidOn The Rocks48:47
Cacavas, Chris , & Junk Yard LovePale Blonde Hell60:42
CactusBlack Dawn47:10
Cadillac ThreeLegacy34:37
CaesarsPaper Tigers47:18
Cagle, Richard , & Voodoo ChoirTexas Voodoo Blues45:44
Cain, ChrisLive At The Rep62:17
Caldwell, CharlesRemember Me40:24
Cale, J.J.Stay Around48:39
CalexicoEven My Sure Things Fall Through39:34
Calico JackCalico Jack69:36
Caligula's HorseIn Contact61:56
Callicot, JoeAin't A Gonna Lie To You40:41
Calvert, RobertFreq41:52
Calvert, RobertRadio Egypt74:42
CamelHarbour Of Tears (CP-006CD)63:35
CamelThe Single Factor 42:46
Campbell, Eddie C.Spider Eating Preacher61:53
Campbell, GlenAdios37:21
Campbell, GlenWichita Lineman / Galveston - Where's The Playground Susie66:22
Campbell, Isobel & Lanegan, MarkBallad Of The Broken Seas42:49
Campbelljohn, JohnChin Up56:59
CanTago Mago73:30
Canned HeatLive In Concert 1979, Parr Meadows Long Island47:04
Carew, MikeSurrender To Saturation55:58
CarmenThe Gypsies / Widescreen (Disc 1)46:50
CarmenThe Gypsies / Widescreen (Disc 2)49:52
Carnes, KimBarking At Airplanes56:14
Carter, ClarenceBetween A Rock And A Hard Place40:27
Carthy, Martin , & Dave SwarbrickWalnut Creek53:21
Carus & True BelieversThree Boxes40:09
Cash Box KingsBlack Toppin'47:03
Cash, JohnnyAmerican VI: Ain´t No Grave32:25
Cash, JohnnyThe 40th Birthday Party69:10
Cash, JohnnyWheeling West Virginia - Jamboree Usa October 2Nd 197663:37
Castiglia, AlbertUp All Night45:16
Castro, TommyStompin' Ground50:40
CatatoniaRoad Rage - The Best Of Catatonia (Disc 1)66:37
CatatoniaRoad Rage - The Best Of Catatonia (Disc 2)60:43
Catfish HodgeDifferent Strokes (Disc 1) - The Complete Eastbound & Westbound Recordings 76:47
Catfish HodgeDifferent Strokes (Disc 2) - The Complete Eastbound & Westbound Recordings 56:09
Catfish KeithCherry Ball49:59
CatsSigned By The Cats51:35
CATS TVLive In Cuxhaven77:20
CeolbegSeeds To The Wind55:16
Cephas & WigginsRichmond Blues65:42
Champion, GradyBootleg Whiskey46:08
Champion, GregSpecial Edition (Disc 1) - The Best Of...56:04
Champion, GregSpecial Edition (Disc 2) - Shady Tree41:01
Chapin, HarryLive In New York 1978 (Disc 1)76:12
Chapin, HarryLive In New York 1978 (Disc 2)66:59
Chapman, Michael5056:37
Chas & DaveNot Just Anuvver Beano (Disc 1)37:03
Chas & DaveNot Just Anuvver Beano (Disc 2)69:43
Chatmon, SamSam Chatmon76:30
Chavis, BoozooZydeco Homebrew43:02
Cheap TrickChristmas Christmas39:54
Chicago KingsnakesGrass Roots38:25
CircaLive From Here There And Everywhere73:12
Circus (US)Circus46:25
CITYDas Blut So Laut54:42
ClanAll In The Name Of Folk47:31
Clapton, EricHappy Xmas63:19
Clarke, MickRamdango / Crazy Blues / Shake It Up (Disc 1)72:45
Clarke, MickRamdango / Crazy Blues / Shake It Up (Disc 2)73:47
Clarke, WilliamOne More Again40:11
Clements, RodRendezvous Cafe (Disc 1)48:09
Clements, RodRendezvous Cafe (Disc 2)51:31
Climax Blues BandLive at the BBC 1970 - 1978 (Disc 1)69:46
Climax Blues BandLive At The BBC 1970 - 1978 (Disc 2)61:26
Clumsy LoversAfter The Flood53:19
Coal PortersHow Dark This Earth Will Shine40:28
Cobra SkullsAmerican Rubicon36:09
Cockney RejectsEast End Babylon36:46
Cody, Turner60 Seasons53:19
Coen, DavisCan't Get There From Here46:15
Coen, DavisJukebox Classic35:19
Collins, AustinRoses Are Black53:37
Collins, StacieRoll The Dice39:17
Cologne Blues ClubHanging By A Thread55:07
Combs, LukeThis One's For You Too59:36
Commander CodyDopers, Drunks And Everyday Losers45:47
Conley, ArthurSoul Directions26:49
Connors, Stompin' TomBud The Spud33:26
Cooper, AliceBrutally Live77:38
Copeland, JohnnyAin't Nothin' But A Party38:08
Copeland, LesTo Be In Your Company59:29
Cosmic DealerChild Of Tomorrow67:55
Country Blues ProjectLive45:38
Country GentlemenThe Award Winning Country Gentlemen39:11
Cox, RonnyHow I Love Them Old Songs50:51
Cray Band, RobertCookin' In Mobile75:06
Cray, RobertThat's What I Heard47:59
Crazy ArmUnion City Breath50:13
Croce, JimThe Studio Album Collection (Disc 1) - Facets26:39
Croce, JimThe Studio Album Collection (Disc 3) - Croce27:25
Croce, JimThe Studio Album Collection (Disc 4) - You Don't MessAround With Jim33:14
Croce, JimThe Studio Album Collection (Disc 5) - Life And Times29:53
Croce, JimThe Studio Album Collection (Disc 7) - The Lost Recordings31:48
Daniels Band, CharlieMe And The Boys40:30
Davis, LarryFunny Stuff42:24
DBC BandThe Edge Again62:31
Denny, Sandy , & StrawbsAll Our Own Work64:45
Denver, JohnSpirit41:07
die anderenKannibal Komix48:40
DiverseSimply Doo Wop (CD 1)50:46
DiverseSimply Doo Wop (CD 2)50:31
Downing, JackA Force That Cannot Be Named: The Jack Downing Anthology (Disc 1) 53:31
Downing, JackA Force That Cannot Be Named: The Jack Downing Anthology (Disc 2) 72:53
Dr. HookMakin' Love And Music / Rising61:58
Dream SyndicateThe Universe Inside58:26
DublinersThe Collection - Volume 263:16
Ducks DeluxeDucks Deluxe / Taxi To The Terminal Zone (Disc 1)44:26
Dupree, Champion JackChampion Jack Dupree Of New Orleans60:46
Dusty, SlimNeon City40:06
East Of EdenEast Of Eden39:54
Eickhoff, Klaus-AndréDieser Moment57:23
Electro DeluxeBig Band: Live In Paris CD138:10
Electro DeluxeBig Band: Live In Paris CD241:34
ELLIS, TinsleyFanning The Flames40:44
Emsland HillbilliesEndlich / Bauer Barnes Mühle76:52
Essex, DavidOut On The Street47:28
Ezra, Adam BenHide And Seek39:40
Fantasy10.000 bunte Luftballons53:21
Fantasy (US)Fantasy53:28
Ferry, BryanLet's Stick Together37:57
FirefallBreak Of Dawn / Mirror Of The World74:29
FoghatThe Best Of Foghat74:25
Four TopsYesterday's Dreams / Soul Spin76:11
Frank Zappa & The MothersThe Mothers 1970 CD1 (RM2020) (Trident Studios, London, England June 21-22, 1970)63:07
FROGGATT, RAYMONDIn Concert At The Birmingham Town Hall66:31
FruuppThe Prince Of Heaven's Eyes49:17
G.O.D.Celtic Rock And Irish Pub Music, Volume One78:30
HawkCampbell, Isobel & Lanegan, Mark47:54
HolliesHollies 197477:15
HomewreckersOut Of The Shadows55:34
Hopkins, Lightnin'Straight Blues42:25
Houston, BrianRock 'N' Roll Worship Live (Open Skies Festival Shane’s Castle in 2016)49:10
Houston, BrianThe Presleys: Embrace35:46
Hutchings, AshleyThe Guv'nor Vol.268:50
IndigenousChasing The Sun42:08
It BitesThe Tall Ships74:35
JamAll Mod Cons38:07
Jazzrausch BigbandBeethoven's Breakdown56:01
Jefferson AirplaneTakes Off46:09
KansasThe Essential CD170:49
KansasThe Essential CD272:19
KansasThe Essential CD272:20
KindredNext Of Kin28:04
King CurtisSoul Twist 39:44
Koella, FreddyMinimal32:27
Koella, FreddyUndone39:41
Lavette, BettyeThings Have Changed (Songs from Bob Dylan)59:04
Lewis, Huey & The NewsWeather26:07
Lightfoot, GordonLightfoot! / The Way I Feel77:31
LiverbirdsMore Of The Liverbirds35:36
Lynn, LorettaLoretta30:21
Maalouf, IbrahimLa vache (Bande originale du film)32:20
Magic SlimGravel Road40:14
MaloMalo Live54:01
Mansfield, DarrellMansfield & Co.49:47
Marshall Tucker BandGospel46:49
McGuire, BarryCosmic Cowboy37:22
McKee, MariaLa Vita Nuova64:18
Medford Slim BandToo Much Is Never Enough52:35
MelanieCandles In The Rain / Leftover Wine (Disc 1)60:40
MelanieCandles In The Rain / Leftover Wine (Disc 2)54:37
Melua, KatieIn Winter CD1 (Studio)35:26
Melua, KatieIn Winter CD2 (Live) (Gori Womens's Choir)74:07
Melua, KatieLive In Concert CD1 (Gori Women's Choir)41:16
Melua, KatieLive In Concert CD2 (Gori Women's Choir)44:15
Merkouri, MelinaThe Front35:42
MetallicaMaster Of Puppets54:49
Michael SchulteHighs & Lows46:44
Neil Young & Stray GatorsTuscaloosa52:32
Pet Shop BoysHotspot42:21
Raabe, MaxMTV Unplugged [& Palast Orchester) (Deluxe Edition) CD141:58
Raabe, MaxMTV Unplugged [& Palast Orchester) (Deluxe Edition) CD243:36
Rickfors, MikaelKickin' A Dream41:49
Rickfors, MikaelTender Turns Tuff33:16
RumerNashville Tears (Songs Of Hugh Prestwood)60:23
ShinedownLeave A Whisper63:33
Stanley Band, Michael You Can't Fight Fashion41:30
Stevenson, B.W.My Maria28:50
T.I.M.E.Time / Smooth Ball73:23
The Allman BrothersLive At The Cow Palace, California 1973 (Disc 1)67:37
Townend, StuartCreation Sings (DVD)59:03
Tunstall, K. T.Eye To The Telescope45:05
Tunstall, KTDrastic Fantastic39:26
Tunstall, KTInvisible Empire / Crescent Moon51:11
Tunstall, KTKin46:19
Tunstall, KTWAX41:41
UnthanksDiversions Vol, 3 (Songs from the Shipyards)41:26
UnthanksDiversions Vol. 1 (The Songs of Robert Waytt and Anthony and the Johnsons) Live Union Chapel67:49
UnthanksDiversions Vol. 2 (with Brighthouse and Rastrick Brass Band)73:23
UnthanksDiversions Vol. 4 (The Songs And Poems Of Molly Drake)50:42
UnthanksMount The Air61:04
Uriah HeepLook At Yourself41:25
WalkersNo More Corn On The Brasos34:40
Weiss, JürgenIm Namen Jesu49:07
Whitney HoustonThe Greatest Hits (CD1)78:44
Whitney HoustonThe Greatest Hits (CD2)77:47
WhoQuadrophenia CD1 (RM2011)55:50
WhoQuadrophenia CD2 (RM2011)78:17
Wishbone AshLive at Rockpalast 1976 CD1 (RM2019 Mono TV-Ton)44:01
Wishbone AshLive at Rockpalast 1976 CD2 (RM2019 Mono TV-Ton)47:33
Wladimir KaminerTolstois Bart und Tschechows Schuhe45:29
Wladimir KaminerTolstois Bart und Tschechows Schuhe50:34
Wladimir KaminerTolstois Bart und Tschechows Schuhe64:03
Wladimir KaminerTolstois Bart und Tschechows Schuhe69:33
Young, NeilHomegrown35:31
Zappa, FrankPhilly '76 CD1 (RM2008)59:51
Zappa, FrankPhilly '76 CD2 (RM2008)74:03
Zappa, FrankThe Mothers 1970 CD2 (RM2020) (Live Highlights 1, “Piknik” VPRO 18.6./Pepperland 26.9.1970 #14-18)63:33
Zappa, FrankThe Mothers 1970 CD3 (RM2020) (Live Highlights 2, Hybrid Concert: Santa Monica 21.8.70/17.9.7068:27
Zappa, FrankThe Mothers 1970 CD4 (RM2020) (Live Highlights 3, FZ Tour Tape Recordings.)74:07


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