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InterpretTitel der CDLänge
Allison, LutherPower Wire Blues43:07
Bläck FöössEm Richtije Veedel42:31
Burlap To CashmereLive At The Bitter End23:32
Burns, Alex , & Nick CharlesAnywhere Anytime48:48
Burns, Alex , & Nick CharlesThe Road More Travelled58:12
Burns, EddieDetroit47:14
Burns, EddieSnake Eyes61:55
Burns, Eddie "Guitar"Lonesome Feeling53:26
Burns, JimmyIt Ain't Right58:35
Burns, JimmyLeaving Here Walking65:28
Burns, JimmyNight Time Again63:13
Burnside, Cedric , & Lightnin' Malcolm2 Man Wrecking Crew48:17
Burnside, DuwayneLive At The L.A. Mint54:11
Burnside, R.L.A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey41:38
Burnside, R.L.Bad Luck City59:02
Burnside, R.L.Burnside On Burnside52:58
Burnside, R.L.Come On In43:03
Burnside, R.L.Mississippi Blues38:39
Burnside, R.L.Mr. Wizard39:33
Burnside, R.L.Too Bad Jim41:06
Burnsville BandGive Me A Job49:58
Burnt NoodleNext Exit52:24
Burrell, RetoEcho Park (Disc 1)43:08
Burrell, RetoEcho Park (Disc 2)15:32
Burrell, RetoShaking Off Monkeys41:12
Burrito DeluxeThe Whole Enchilada51:48
BurritosSound As Ever56:05
Burton Brothers Blues BandTracks57:19
Burton, AronPast, Present & Future70:09
Bushwackers BandThe Bushwackers Collection50:20
BushwhackersBeatin' Round The Bush17:43
Butcher, JonAlong The Axis42:25
Butcher, JonElectric Factory53:15
Butcher, JonPositively The Blues45:16
Butcher, JonWishes44:16
Butler Trio, JohnApril Uprising68:40
Butler Trio, JohnJohn Butler64:37
Butler Trio, JohnLive At St. Gallen (Disc 1)42:57
Butler Trio, JohnLive At St. Gallen (Disc 2)51:48
Butler Trio, JohnLiving 2001 - 2002 (Disc 1)70:14
Butler Trio, JohnLiving 2001 - 2002 (Disc 2)67:49
Butler TwinsNot Gonna Worry About Tomorrow71:32
Butler, Wild ChildLickin' Gravy46:43
Butler, Wild ChildStranger46:00
Butler, Wild ChildThese Mean Old Blues45:10
Campbelljohn, JohnOfficial Bootleg Live from Blues Garage Hannover73:22
Capital City RocketsCapital City Rockets34:05
Cargo Cargo69:11
Carthy, MartinCrown Of Horn42:25
ChilliwackLook In, Look Out36:47
ChurchEl Momento Descuidado55:21
Clancy Brothers & Tommy MakemHearty And Hellish - A Live Nightclub Performance38:32
Deep PurpleTurning to Crime50:00
Denny, SandySandy (Disc 1)59:08
Denny, SandySandy (Disc 2)70:47
DublinersLive At Montreux 47:49
Edwards, JonathanLive42:10
Flower Travellin' BandSatori46:21
Folly's PoolFolly's Pool42:19
Fountain, RebIris41:16
Frankfurt City Blues BandWhatever Happens51:23
Gaughan, DickOutlaws & Dreamers50:18
Gillespie, DanaAmor44:09
Glynne, JessAlways In Between (Limited Deluxe Edition)54:02
Glynne, JessI Cry When I Laugh (Deluxe Edition)71:56
González, JoséIn Our Nature33:13
González, JoséLocal Valley42:02
González, JoséVeneer30:48
González, JoséVestiges & Claws42:18
Gonzalez, Memo , & BluescastersBig Time In Big D56:08
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 28 (Disc 1)75:19
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 28 (Disc 2)78:51
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 28 (Disc 3)72:19
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 28 (Disc 4)77:32
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 31 (Disc 1)77:23
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 31 (Disc 2)71:55
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 31 (Disc 3)78:24
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 31 (Disc 4)67:17
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 34 (Disc 1)61:43
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 34 (Disc 2)75:05
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 34 (Disc 3)73:41
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 35 (Disc 1)70:41
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 35 (Disc 2)76:38
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 35 (Disc 3)64:01
Grateful DeadDick´s Picks 35 (Disc 4)79:25
Greta Van FleetThe Battle At Garden's Gate63:41
Griffiths, MarciaShining Time65:55
Grissom, DavidLoud Music49:20
GrobschnittBallermann 79:10
GrobschnittFantasten 79:10
GrobschnittThe Grobschnitt Story 4 - Illegal Live (Disc 1)79:11
GrobschnittThe Grobschnitt Story 4 - Illegal Live (Disc 2)78:44
GrobschnittThe Grobschnitt Story 4 - Illegal Live (Disc 3)79:03
Gross, TimoLandmarks50:09
Grossman, StefanAunt Molly's Murray Farm / The Gramercy Park Sheik75:00
GroundhogsWho Said Cherry Red55:08
Grunwald, AshHot Mama Vibes46:29
Grushecky, JoeEnd Of The Century52:23
Guitarlos, CarlosStraight From The Heart48:00
Guns Of GloryStrafing Run50:40
Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, KjellIn The Barn34:55
Guthro, BruceCeltic Crossing51:12
H.E.A.T.H.E.A.T. II45:21
Hackett, SteveWolflight55:38
Hagar, SammyMusical Chairs34:33
Haggard, MerleA Portrait Of Merle Haggard / Keep Movin' On58:42
Haigis, AnneWanderlust64:22
Hair Of The DogAt The Parting Glass49:36
Halker, BuckyWisconsin 2.13.63 Volume Two54:01
Hall, Michael Love Is Murder49:16
Hall, Tom T.Ol' T's In Town / A Soldier Of Fortune57:36
Hamilton, DirkYep57:46
Hammill, PeterpH753:13
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 1)68:03
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 2)73:31
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 3)72:06
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 4)72:39
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 5)59:25
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 6)56:18
Hammill, PeterPNO GTR VOX BOX (Disc 7)54:32
Harem ScaremMood Swings / If There Was A Time67:06
Harper, BenGive Till It's Gone49:56
Harper, RoyBloomsbury Theatre 1993 Second Night (Disc 1)78:36
Harper, RoyBloomsbury Theatre 1993 Second Night (Disc 2)78:06
Hart, BethWar In My Mind52:09
Hartford, JohnNobody Knows What You Do38:59
Hatfield and the NorthHatfield And The North54:12
HawkwindAll Aboard The Skylark75:36
Haworth, BrynReady Or Not41:26
Hayseed DixieHair Down To My Grass48:03
Head EastRaise A Little Hell57:29
Head For The HillsRobbers Roost48:21
Hendrix, JimiStockholm Concert (Disc 1)56:47
Hendrix, JimiStockholm Concert (Disc 2)65:53
HeptonesDeep In The Roots68:04
HeronUpon Reflection - The Dawn Anthology (Disc 1)68:43
HeronUpon Reflection - The Dawn Anthology (Disc 2)76:41
Herring, CarolineLantana40:02
Hester, Carolyn The Tradition Album42:12
Hicks, King SolomonHarlem39:32
High KingsThe High Kings46:10
High SouthNow57:19
Highway RobbersRobbers & Swills37:51
Highwaymen (60s)March On (Disc 1)65:11
Highwaymen (60s)March On (Disc 2)58:49
Hillbilly GoatsDown Foggy Mountain41:12
Hirsch, StanNo Room To Reason39:53
Hog HeavenHog Heaven56:51
HogjawRise To The Mountain52:42
HöhnerAlles Op Anfang 70:58
Holmes, Jimmy "Duck" All Night Long66:47
Holts, RooseveltPresenting The Country Blues33:03
Holy Water & WhiskeySpirits Of All Kinds52:22
Hooks, EllisThe Hand Of God63:12
Hopkins, Lightnin'Lightnin' Hopkins (Disc 1)68:47
Hopkins, Lightnin'Lightnin' Hopkins (Disc 2)74:01
Hopkins, Lightnin'Lightnin' Hopkins (Disc 3)78:21
Hopkins, Lightnin'Lightnin' Hopkins (Disc 4)68:26
Hopkins, Lightnin'Lightnin' Hopkins (Disc 5)73:16
Hopkins, Lightnin'Lightnin' Hopkins (Disc 6)68:06
Houston, CiscoCisco Houston Sings Songs Of The Open Road35:36
Howard & White BoysLive At Chord On Blues73:34
Howlin' BrothersTrouble34:59
Hudson FalconsDancing Underneath The Moonlight47:19
Hughes, GlennPlay Me Out65:11
Hull, AlanAlright On The Night - Live At Clifton Poly 197554:30
HumblebumsThe Humblebums33:29
ICARUSThe Marvel World Of Icarus56:20
IFE, KRISHush - The Definitive Collection 1967 - 197379:57
Incredible String BandEverything's Fine (Disc 1)48:52
Incredible String BandEverything's Fine (Disc 2)52:48
Inner City UnitThe Presidents Tapes58:40
Insomniac FolkloreOh Well69:52
Irish TraditionThe Corner House41:32
Iron HorseDemons & Lovers58:09
Irvine, Andy , & Paul BradyAndy Irvine & Paul Brady46:04
Isley BrothersThe Heat Is On41:13
Jagger, MickFeelin' Blues (Disc 1)65:26
Jagger, MickFeelin' Blues (Disc 2)57:38
Jake Leg StompersHot Feet66:46
James, ArthurHey...I'm Still Here62:06
James, JanLast Train 56:54
Jane... And In The Darkest Night64:56
JaneLive Balver Höhle 2015 (Disc 1)53:47
JaneLive Balver Höhle 2015 (Disc 2)35:52
JaneLive Barnabys Blues Club 2015 (Disc 1)51:27
JaneLive Barnabys Blues Club 2015 (Disc 2)53:46
JaneLive Harmonie Bonn 2004 (Rockpalast)75:06
JaneLive Im Capitol 198839:32
JapanLive From The Budokan - Tokyo FM, 1982 (Disc 1)52:10
JapanLive From The Budokan - Tokyo FM, 1982 (Disc 2)49:45
Jarvis, DuaneFar From Perfect39:08
Jason CrestA Place In The Sun (Disc 1)59:44
Jason CrestA Place In The Sun (Disc 2)35:25
Jesus VoltHallelujah Motherfuckers72:49
Jethro TullLive In Sweden '6952:36
Jig Is UpOn Your Toes!63:36
JJ & Acoustic MachineSomewhere Between Saturday And Sunday55:37
Joan As Police WomanThe Solution Is Restless (Tony Allen, Dave Okumu)55:47
Jocque, Beau , & Zydeco Hi-RollersGit It, Beau Jocque66:28
John The RevelatorThe Tamalone Blues Tapes (Disc 1)68:18
John The RevelatorThe Tamalone Blues Tapes (Disc 2)18:49
John, EltonThe One68:24
Johnson, Johnnie , & Kentucky HeadhuntersThat'll Work49:10
Johnson, Kevin (US)Sunday Driver36:33
Johnson, Luther "Houserocker"Takin' A Bite Outta The Blues41:47
Johnson, ShirleyBlues Attack63:47
Jones, LaurenceThe Truth33:56
Jones, Laurence , Skjolberg, CastigliaBlues Caravan 201455:01
Jones, PaulStarting All Over Again58:50
Jones, WizzWizz Jones (Disc 1) - Stereo41:33
Jones, WizzWizz Jones (Disc 2) - Mono40:38
Jones, Wizz , Pete Berryman & Simeon JonesCome What May59:10
JosefusDead Man / Get Off My Case77:29
Judas PriestTurbo 30 (Disc 2) - Live Kansas City52:37
Judas PriestTurbo 30 (Disc 3) - Live Kansas City49:11
Jug DealersJug Dealers54:03
JulukaCrocodile Love42:35
Jupp, MickeyOddities63:26
K, Willie Tropical Plantation Blues42:10
Kane, CandyeWhole Lotta Love41:29
Karch, Adam Everything Can Change40:20
Katon, Michael Bad Machine51:48
Kay, FiedeRauhe Schale - Weicher Kern45:22
KeelhaulA Maritime Tradition31:21
Kelly, VanceHow Can I Miss You, When You Won´t Leave50:08
Kennedy, MikeAll The Pretty Things48:13
Kern, KatieBlues For The Highway58:31
Kershaw, DougRagin' Cajun35:29
Kilkenny BandRoving42:38
King MobForce 951:00
King, Little FreddieFried Rice And Chicken37:49
King, MarcusThe Marcus King Band58:30
Knife In The WaterCut The Cord50:49
Kold Band, EddieChicago Blues Heaven55:50
KraftwerkComputer World34:49
Kristina, SonjaSonja Kristina48:52
KrokusBig Rocks50:47
Kümmert, AndreasHarlekin Dreams51:13
Lamb, Paul , & King SnakesAfter Hours - The Country Blues Sessions40:28
Lang, JeffHalf Seas Over52:23
Last CallTime To Move52:49
Lazy CowgirlsRadio Cowgirl57:05
Lazy Poker Blues BandOne More Mile35:33
Ledet, RosieNow's The Time43:31
Leven, Jackie Gothic Road52:27
Lewis, FurryAt Home In Memphis48:19
Lewis, SonDark Past67:54
Liederjan7/8 Oder Am Stück55:33
LiederjanDie Wirrtuosen38:17
LiederjanEins, Zwei: Drei Im Sauseschritt47:16
Light, J. J.Heya !65:30
Lightfoot, GordonSummer Side Of Life38:52
Lightnin' Rod & ThunderboltsAll American Blues51:26
Lil' Dave & Howlin' Blues BandIt's You42:11
LilyV.C.U. (We See You) (Disc 1)79:02
LilyV.C.U. (We See You) (Disc 2) - The Demos29:13
Lindenberg, UdoDaumen Im Wind38:16
Linek, Lars- LuisHör Mol'n Beten To62:58
Little AxeHard Grind48:43
Little DevilsDiamonds & Poison49:17
Little Free RockLittle Free Rock40:04
Little HatchGoin' Back57:44
Little MiltonFriend Of Mine38:09
Little MiltonWaiting For Little Milton37:56
Lofgren, NilsBlue With Lou56:27
Lonely KamelLonely Kamel39:16
Lonesome ShackMore Primitive42:12
Louisiana "Guitar" RedDown And Out Blues59:12
Louisiana Red & Sugar BlueRed Funk 'N' Blue (Disc 1)51:06
Louisiana Red & Sugar BlueRed Funk 'N' Blue (Disc 2)47:28
Louisiana Riverfront BandRoots Rockin' Blues36:26
Lucifer's FriendMean Machine84:37
Lyytinen, ErjaLockdown Live 202061:20
Maahn, WolfSensible Daten57:41
MacDonald, Rod Songs Of Freedom58:08
Mack, Bobby , & Night Train Red, Hot And Humid52:52
MacKintosh, IainGentle Persuasion39:41
MacLeod, DougYou Can't Take My Blues58:27
Mad Puppet & Bürgerkapelle GriesKing Laurin Live (Disc 1)52:15
Mad Puppet & Bürgerkapelle GriesKing Laurin Live (Disc 2)37:18
Madsius, Rudi , & BandI Really Wanna Know60:19
MagpieA Tiding69:49
Magpie SaluteHigh Water I48:16
Makem & ClancyTwo For The Early Dew36:48
Malcolm, JimThe First Cold Day51:30
Malmsteen, YngwieBlue Lightning57:51
MandrillMandrill Is43:29
Mandville Greeson, LizReady To Cheat56:34
Maple Station ExpressMaple Station Express57:50
Marshall Tucker BandLive At Pleasure Island '97 (Disc 1)40:55
Marshall Tucker BandLive At Pleasure Island '97 (Disc 2)48:29
Martin, EddieLive In Tuscany71:25
Martin, Mick , & Blues RockersIn One Ear63:36
Mason, BrentHead For The High Ground46:08
Mastro, Johnny , & Mama's BoysCaptain Trappiste Vol.561:45
Matthews Band, DaveLive In New York City (Disc 1)78:04
Matthews Band, DaveLive In New York City (Disc 2)75:02
Matthews' Southern ComfortMatthews Southern Comfort / Second Spring76:10
Matthews, KrissyAllen In Reverse55:52
Matthews, KrissyScenes From A Moving Window66:03
Matura, RogerTime Traveller52:00
Mayall, JohnBoogie Woogie Man53:50
Mayall's Bluesbreakers, John Live In 196776:30
MaytalsMonkey Man / From The Roots76:55
McCabe, BarryThe Peace Within46:10
McCain, JerryBlack & Blues32:23
McCalmansComing Home54:17
McCue, AnneKoala Motel58:47
McCullough, HenryHell Of A Record37:51
McDermott, MichaelWhat In The World...55:45
McDonald, Country JoeCarry On51:22
McGrath, EamonGuts31:41
McGuinn, RogerLive In New York - Eight Miles High49:28
McLaughlin, PatUncle Pat39:32
MeenaFeel Me52:21
Meinecke, UllaLive At Rockpalast 1981 & 1985 (Disc 1)71:57
Meinecke, UllaLive At Rockpalast 1981 & 1985 (Disc 2)54:55
Meinecke, UllaLive At Rockpalast 1981 & 1985 (Disc 3)56:59
MelanieBorn To Be / Affectionately Melanie66:34
MembersOne Law62:30
Memphis SlimSteppin' Out56:06
Mental As AnythingLive It Up: The Collection (Disc 1) 58:30
Mental As AnythingLive It Up: The Collection (Disc 2) 56:10
Metallica...And Justice For All (Disc 1)65:26
Metallica...And Justice For All (Disc 2)63:38
Metallica...And Justice For All (Disc 3)74:18
Micky & MotorcarsLong Time Comin'40:38
Milagro SaintsMidnight America46:05
Miller, FrankieStanding On The Edge51:45
Milteau, JJLive, Hot N' Blue67:43
MissionLive At Rockpalast (Disc 1)72:19
MissionLive At Rockpalast (Disc 2)51:53
Mitchell, JoniShadows And Light (Disc 1)43:26
Mitchell, JoniShadows And Light (Disc 2)40:34
MorganThe Sleeper Wakes40:47
Mother GongTree In Fish50:35
Mötley CrüeToo Fast For Love57:15
Neal, Kenny Hooked On Your Love49:30
Newcomer, CarrieUntil Now42:05
Nine Days WonderSonnet To Billy Frost47:49
Obel, AgnesLateNightTales50:31
Out of FocusOut Of Focus49:14
Outlaw Blues BandThe Outlaw Blues Band36:59
Peanut Butter ConspiracyFor Children Of All Ages51:41
Pee Wee BluesgangParade Of Progress65:04
Pink FloydBBC Archives (Disc 1)59:48
Pink FloydBBC Archives (Disc 2)65:37
Pirates Of The MississippiWalk The Plank44:08
Plant, Robert & Alison KraussRaise The Roof (Deluxe)61:23
Prairie OysterOnly One Moon40:33
Primer, JohnKnocking At Your Door51:44
PrinzenKrone der Schöpfung52:22
Pure Prairie LeaguePure Prairie League / Bustin' Out67:28
Quiet RiotCondition Critical44:04
Reed, JimmyThe New Jimmy Reed Album / Soulin'60:00
REO SpeedwagonR.E.O./T.W.O.43:49
Richard, ZacharyHigh Time: The Elektra Recordings75:08
Robert Christa / Tom ReifFree As A Bird58:36
Rush, OtisNatural Man76:05
Sapphire ThinkersFrom Within34:43
Sergio FiorentinoLive In Buenos Aires USA CD174:02
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD279:05
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD375:16
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD473:56
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD573:10
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD674:50
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD775:54
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD875:12
Sergio FiorentinoLive In USA CD971:37
Solheim, MariaThe Bird Has Flown37:52
Sörling, IsabelFarvel49:46
Sörling, IsabelSomething Came With The Sun (Producer Ibrahim Maalouf)37:36
Springsteen, BruceThe Early Years (Disc 1)54:42
Springsteen, BruceThe Early Years (Disc 2)53:20
Stewart, RodThe Tears of Hercules44:41
Stray Dog BandThe Stray Dog Band44:05
Taylor, Koko Queen Of The Blues40:35
Texas TornadosLive From The Limo Vol.155:51
Tittle, JimmyIt's In The Attitude49:32
TrampBritish Blues Giants70:05
TRAPEZEHot Wire43:46
Travers. PatHeat In The Street36:09
U2The Best Of 1990 - 2000 (Disc 1)76:29
U2The Best Of 1990 - 2000 (Disc 2)73:53
Van Ronk, DaveInside Dave Van Ronk77:28
WalkersGreatest Hits (Disc 1)72:45
WalkersGreatest Hits (Disc 2)74:12
Wells, JuniorEverybody's Gettin' Some56:34
Williams, Hank Jr.127 Rose Avenue44:22
Wishbone AshFront Page News42:43
Zandt, Townes van POET (A Ttribute To Townes Van Zandt)65:24
Zandt, Townes van Texas Troubadour (RM2005] CD1 (1968/1969)76:39
Zandt, Townes van Texas Troubadour (RM2005] CD2 (1970/1971)68:59
Zandt, Townes van Texas Troubadour (RM2005] CD3 (1972)70:27
Zandt, Townes van Texas Troubadour (RM2005] CD4 (1978/1993/1977)69:37
ZephyrGoing Back To Colorado41:19


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